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[Report] "Digitalizing" Core Business Processes

True Digital Transformation requires more  than just digitizing Back End processes.


What's in the Report?

We all know that information is the most powerful asset but the rising of information chaos is creating a demand for new information management practices that extend beyond traditional Enterprise Content Management.

Digital Transformation is about doing things differently - and doing different things as well - regarding and supporting key strategic goals. This involves better tools that integrate people, processes, information, and technology in order to achieve greater operational efficiency, improved productivity, regulatory and legal compliance and agility to change.

In fact, digitalization goes beyond digitizing the steps in a workflow and is all about redesigning the business as a digital business, not just improving what you currently have. Digitalizing processes focus on goals to improve responsiveness, increase organizational agility to transform and compete in the changing business landscape, and enhance the customer experience to drive adoption, establish loyalty, and increase satisfaction.


In this report you will learn that:

Digital Transformation_1.png
Digital transformation requires more than just digitizing back end processes.
Automation Processes.png
Many organizations have yet to do the very basic work of process automation, putting them at a severe disadvantage in their efforts to embrace Digital Transformation.
New Techs - Improve Procsses.png
New technologies - like Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, Low and No-code Process Engines, and Intelligent Capture - open up opportunities to not only improve processes, but to totally rethink them.